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This doesn’t mean people should seek out older surgeons

4 percent. “This is probably a result of experience and judgment and who they would (operate on versus)who they would select for conservative management. At the end of the day what matters is whether there is an intervention that . Yusuke Tsugawa of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles and colleagues report in The BMJ.6 percent with surgeons under age 40; 6. If you only do hip replacements, for example, it’s easier to benchmark yourself than if you’re a general surgeon or a plastic surgeon and you do 30 different procedures throughout the year. “We think there are huge variations in terms of their quality and the cost of care they provide. can improve the quality of care.

Skills could improve over time through experience, or the surgeon could lose dexterity with aging or have a hard time keeping up with changing technology. “In the real world,” he noted, people choose a surgeon based on advice from China Jetour X70S Seat Cover physicians or family members, reputation and the surgeon’s communication skills.”“It is also fraught with difficulty because of the inability to fully know how complex the patient was, and sometimes (the) surgeons who appear to have the worst outcomes are actually the best surgeons, they’re just taking on the hardest cases,” she added. (Photo: Pixabay) Surgeons’ skills may improve with age, and male and female surgeons perform equally well, a recent U. .Mortality risk was 6.4 percent with surgeons in their 50s and 6. . There was little difference between mortality among patients of male or female doctors, with one exception.5 percent with surgeons in their 40s; 6. Representational Image.Studying the quality of care that physicians provide is extremely complex, the researcher added.

The operations were all emergencies. This doesn’t mean people should seek out older surgeons, or female surgeons in their 50s, Tsugawa said. “Patients treated by female surgeons in their 50s had the lowest mortality across all groups,” Tsugawa told Reuters Health in a telephone interview. “There does tend to be a trend for better results for patients who are operated on by an older surgeon,” she said in a telephone interview.”Pinning down the quality of care a surgeon provides is “incredibly difficult,” Coburn noted.S.Among the roughly 892,200 patients treated by nearly 46,000 surgeons, the overall risk of dying within 30 days of a surgery was 6.Little is known about how age and gender influence the quality of a surgeon’s work, Tsugawa and his colleagues write. study finds..5 percent with male surgeons, which was not a statistically meaningful difference.

To investigate, the researchers looked at mortality 30 days after surgery for Medicare beneficiaries who had one of 20 major operations in 2011-2014.”For example, Tsugawa said, the current study suggests that increasing training, education and supervision of young surgeons could be one approach to reducing operative mortality in this group. Natalie Coburn of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto, who co-authored an editorial on the study. “It’s very difficult to estimate how well you are doing if you only have a handful of different types of cases.3 percent for those 60 and older.3 percent overall with female surgeons versus 6. After adjusting for other factors, mortality rates were 6.Surgeon could also lose dexterity with aging or have a hard time keeping up with changing technology.Medicare patients’ risk of dying in the month after an operation steadily fell as their surgeon’s age increased, Dr.Many factors could explain age-related differences in operative mortality, said Dr

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And while new things come and go with each passing year

This year, over 80,500 participants began running from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in the city.“The marathon gives us an opportunity to not just spread awareness about our concerns but also raise money for the cause.” She adds that the hospital strives to equip these tribal with superior quality medical care at a heavily subsidised Chery Arrizo 5 Rear bumper Body Factory rate or absolutely free of charge. The 18-year-old first year medical student has raised over Rs 60 lakh for the non-profit organisation she is associated with, Love and Care.Thousands of runners and enthusiasts take the streets of Mumbai for the Dream Run.

Sharda doesn’t miss the run for anything.“I run this marathon every year.Piyush Jain (Photo: Pooja Salvi)That is undoubted.Dr A.‘Save the girl child’ was a popular theme. “Our aim is to empower women through all ways possible,” she says. Decked from head to toe in food and beverage wrappers and plastic pieces to spread awareness about polythene consumption and garbage production, Piyush was stopped every few minutes for pictures and selfies by awed fellow runners. Holding high placards, charts, balloons, shouting slogans, and cheering for their fellow runners, the run brings together people from different backgrounds and aspirations. Piyush Jain had travelled all the way from Pune to the city to participate in the run.And even as the run came to an end, the intermingling of causes, fancy dresses and a harmonious gathering of religion, culture, ideas and peace stayed on for hours later, basking in the Mumbai sun. One of their projects concentrates on teaching women the importance of vermicomposting for manure.

And while new things come and go with each passing year, one thing doesn’t change — the spirit of the marathon,” he says, eyes gleaming with the anticipation of the run that is about to start in the next two minutes. A runner professes the cause of saving languages. For the last 15 years, the war veteran, who has served nearly four decades in the Indian Army, positions himself at the start line of the Dream Run, investing the same confidence in his prosthetic limb year after year.Meera Mehta is one such individual. And that is why we consistently keep coming back to run,” she says. Holding a placard for the organisation high, Meera takes a break from shouting slogans and tells us, “This year, we are running to raise both funds and awareness to build a 250-bed brand new multi-speciality charity hospital for the less privileged in South Gujarat. Even before the race began, thrilled participants couldn’t wait for the whistle to get set.

Major General Ian is one among thousands of those who run the marathon with dedication.The 15th edition of the TATA Mumbai marathon saw a mix of causes, fancy dresses and warm smiles. “I don’t see any other better way to spread awareness about this issue than this,” he says. This multi-speciality facility will make a difference to millions of lives in the tribal areas of South Gujarat, which ranks amongst the poorest in the state. The young philanthropist and runner has been raising money ever since she was 13 years old and hasn’t given it a break since..L.

This year, she ran with a troupe of 100 volunteers, apart from her own team, to advocate for gender sensitive reporting in the media, sanitation and malnutrition. Eighty-one-year-old Major General Ian Cardozo participates in the TATA Mumbai marathon every year. From gender equality and saving the girl child, to creating awareness for diseases such as diabetes, autism and cancer, most participants have a cause they try to further with the run. The atmosphere at the 15th edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon was charged with energy and adrenaline. The six-km-long run sees participants running for a wide range of social causes. But Piyush isn’t dressed in the runner’s uniform

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I think it is good for Jaya as well as the public to know about their legendary leader

Whatever their motive, commercial or political agendas they must exercise caution and care.Vinaita, SingerI am going to be honest. People who don’t know about her will be able to understand and experience the struggles as a woman politician throughout her political career. The films must be made tastefully keeping in mind the fact that she was a woman who guarded her personal life fiercely and was at all times dignified. Either biased towards or against, but it’s a bias and never fact. Directing a biopic is definitely good for the industry, it depends on what the filmmakers are up to. Her death was very poignant for most of Tamil people and beyond. Jayalalithaa’s death has a lot of hidden secrets. Will her biopics be able to capture her mystique even if they do make money? J Jayalalithaa Enigmatic and extremely private J Jayalalithaa or Amma was a lioness who kept her personal life clearly demarcated from her public life. She proved herself as a great leader among a male dominant society.

Filmmakers are aware of the mixed responses and I am sure they will change the looks as required by the audience. Entertainment and film industry would try to take advantage of it.With filmmakers cashing in on her life and death, visuals of the first-look of Kangana in I&China injection molds Manufacturers39;m Queen where she plays Amma were received with a certain amount of disdain as netizens termed her “plastic” and “animated”. No matter what so-called associates, friends and colleagues share about her, she was a deeply private individual.Vishal Mehta, CII, Young IndiaThe biopic should come to the limelight. While fans and film buffs are in awe of Ramya’s steely gaze and posture, many feel no one can play Jayalalithaa and they ask why should a distorted and “scripted” story with cinematic effects be allowed to define her legacy.

I think it is good for Jaya as well as the public to know about their legendary leader.Sudha Ramalingam, Senior AdvocateWhen a person is a public personality her life also comes to public arena, especially when she is no more and people are curious to know about her. And of course the look has gotten mixed reactions but when an actress plays Amma there are bound to be comparisons. You got to be biased when it comes to narrating a story of a big leader.Gouthamraj, Director of Jyothika's RaatchasiBiopics are always essential; films which depicted the lives of Nelson Mandela and Mary Kom were a huge success. Her legacy should # not be misinterpreted by cinematic scripts and distorted facts.SK Nawaz, Advocate, Madras High CourtJayalalithaa was a popular leader, not only in Tamil Nadu, but all over India. We would only get to see traces of the truth but we won’t get to see the real truth and it won’t hold up to what she was in real life. Also it is a form of commercial exploitation. She was the best chief Minister when it comes to controlling law & order. Such a person's life also becomes very important if she has played a historical role and people are naturally curious to know about her.

It’s difficult to do that. The directors should drop the idea of making a biopic of Jayalalithaa. Padmini Raman, HomemakerWhatever people write or speak on social media, Jaya is an iconic figure. People will shower her with more praise if the movie is done well.Jaya was a public personality but a very private person. So, the industry would try to take advantage of it and make money out of it. And that is why there is less reception for the first look posters of both Thalaivi and Queen, despite being directed by renowned filmmakers like AL Vijay and GVM. Aiming to make money out of it won't be encouraged by the public as well as the film fraternity. They can make even ten more films about her but it’s definitely not going to reveal the magnificent life of hers. Jayalaithaa will be celebrated more after the movie’s release. Now, a still of Ramya Krishnan dressed in AIADMK coloured saree for her film Queen directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon is being circulated. Films with biopics will spoil her image

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Boult uses a pretty straight-forward design philosophy here as it comes with a black finish

The Boult Bassbars 2. While this option will mostly be paired with televisions, you can also use it with smartphones, tablets and laptops making it an all-around entertainment system for your home.Boult Audio, a brand that’s steadily building a name for itself in India has recently launched the Bassbars A4 soundbar.PerformanceThe Boult Audio Bassbars come with micro tweeters and subwoofers on each unit with its output rated at 40W.Boult has added another surprise here with the Bassbars. Rating: When Xioami introduced the Mi soundbar earlier this year, it blew the market wide open with its fabulous pricing.. Built with a combination of glossy black plastic and a metal grille, this speaker looks undeniably elegant. The connection was strong throughout and even when used from a distance of slightly over 10-metres, the connection did not falter. All these ports and connections are located on the right speaker with the left being used as a tag along.Being a soundbar, Boult Audio aims to emulate a 360-degree surround sound and the speakers do offer a cinematic experience as it adds to the overall movie watching experience.A budget-friendly soundbar that converts to twin tower speakers.

If any of you have heard a soundbar achieve this trick, raise your hand now. Unlike most speakers of this type that have been around for a year, this model has the unique feature of being separated at its centre to convert into twin tower speakers.The audio quality is decent here and it does have a bass impact that’s desirable and doesn’t distort at even medium to high volumes.VerdictThe Boult Bassbars A4 is priced at Rs 4,999 in India and for the number of features they have thrown in; it’s well worth your cash. This is one of the strong points of the Bassbars.Design, BuildThe selling price of this home audio solution is a sure shot excuse to purchase the Bassbars.Built with a combination of glossy black plastic and a metal grille, this speaker looks undeniably elegant and completely betrays its price tag.During the testing period, we paired it with an LG 42-inch television and various Android and iOS smartphones. When used as a single unit, both speakers are connected by a single short cable that makes it highly convenient. Mids, on the other hand, do get drowned out at times; but not enough to ruin our experience.Boult also throws in a remote control that adds a dose of convenience to your life and this is something we really appreciate here as it has a wide number of features that can be accessed without needing to physically Automotive molds Suppliers get up from your comfortable position. To use it as satellite speakers, there is a longer connector that’s also bundled in the packaging.

In terms of appearance, Boult uses a pretty straight-forward design philosophy here as it comes with a black finish that fits in with most homes and can complement most televisions available. Interestingly, Boult hasn’t sacrificed on any other input features and have also included slots for USB and a TF card. It comes with Bluetooth v4. Controls are located on the side and these include power, play/pause, track adjustment and volume.0, which is what it is also called, comes with the unique feature of being a convertible speaker. Even though it looks great as a tower speaker, I preferred to use it as a soundbar as I felt it suited my living space better. While the price is one of the motivating factors to purchase it, the design is the reason confirms that it’s a must buy product. Overall, if you’re looking for a casual speaker system that can complement your home, then this is a great choice; however, if you want an option that produces above average and stellar performances, there are other options available in the market. Major ups to Boult for adding a product such as this in its repertoire. Coming with great audio quality and a unique design that’s completely versatile, Boult is now giving consumers the option to witness a new dimension of sound that will enhance their home theatre experience.

Apart from being placed in front of the TV or as satellite speakers, this audio solution can also be wall mounted making it very versatile indeed. Seldom would you find an option from a reputable brand to be sold at such a competitive price.5mm audio jack and RCA. Even though this speaker is priced this competitively, it still looks as stylish as rivals that cost even up to twice the amount. When used as a soundbar, it measures about the size of a 42-inch television and while separated, it stands about one and a half foot high. Highs have a reach here but better reproduction is found on rival models. By coming in this colour, it automatically gives it an edge over the Mi Soundbar which just comes in a white colourway that’s quite a dust and dirt magnet. Since then, not many manufacturers have been able to step up and pose a threat to its dominance; that is, until now. That’s not to say that this speaker doesn’t attract dust; it just doesn’t show as visibly. Coming with Dolby Digital Plus you do get a surround sound experience that’s ideal for home theatre setups as it offers high-fidelity audio without high bandwidth needs for some lossless formats. However, the choice is completely up to you regarding this and it’s great that you finally get a multi-option when it comes to a speaker system. For a brand that has been expanding by leaps and bounds in these few years, the Bassbars is a great addition to its portfolio.Like most soundbars available in the market, the physical connections happen on the reverse with their being inputs for power, a 3.2 with A2DP that offers a range of up to 10-metres from the audio source. In the past, we have seen tablets, laptops and other such tech that’s convertible but never something quite like this in the home audio segment

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The second leads to the rejuvenation of the planet through rejuvenation of biodiversity

The slogan was that there would never again be scarcity of food because we can now make “bread from air”. Monsanto calls it “digital agriculture” based on “big data” and “artificial intelligence”. It has started to talk about “farming without farmers”.This is like playing poker on the deck of the Titanic while the ship is sinking. It also increases the water holding capacity of soil, contributing to resilience in times of droughts, floods and other climate extremes. Today the evidence is growing that artificial fertilisers have reduced soil fertility, reduced food production and contributed to desertification, water scarcity and climate change.What we eat, how we grow the food we eat and how we distribute it will determine whether humanity survives or pushes itself and other species to extinction.

This commodity-based agriculture has caused 75 per cent of the destruction of soils, 75 per cent of the destruction of water resources, and pollution of our lakes, rivers and oceans, 93 per cent of crop diversity has been pushed to extinction through industrial agriculture.We can sow the seeds of another future.Solum Corporation does not work with farmers to understand the rich soil food web — the bacteria, the fungi, the earthworms. A dead planet: poisons and chemical monocultures spreading; farmers committing suicide due to debt for seeds and chemicals; children dying due to lack of food; people dying because of chronic diseases spreading due to nutritionally empty, toxic commodities sold as food and climate havoc wiping out conditions for human life on Earth.Now we are being told “big data” will feed us. It sells “data”. Just the narrow bet on the next poison. This is the next step in a dead end future that ignores the intelligence of seeds, plants, soil organisms, our gut bacteria, farmers and our grandmothers. A billion people are permanently hungry in this system, more than two billion suffer from food-related diseases. The first was claimed to control weeds but has created superweeds.Intensive industrial agriculture is also creating a health crisis by producing nutritionally empty toxic commodities. There was an exaggerated claim that GMOs would remove all limits of the environment, grow food in deserts and toxic dumps.

There was the exaggerated claim that artificial fertilisers would increase food production and remove all ecological limits that land puts on the agriculture. Bt crops were supposed to control pests but they have created new pests and superpests.In 2013, Monsanto acquired world’s largest climate data corporation, Climate Corporation, for 1 billion.Contrary to the myth that small farmers should be wiped out because they are unproductive and we should leave our food future in the hands of the poison cartel, surveillance drones and spyware, small farmers are providing 70 per cent of global food using 30 per cent of the resources that go into agriculture. (Representational image) There are two distinct futures of food and farming. The slogan was that there would never again be scarcity of food because we can now make “bread from air”. Climate Corporation does not bring to farmers the knowledge that the solution to climate change lies below our feet, in the soil.The farmer is being told s/he must outsource his/her mind to Monsanto. This is why the suicide epidemic of Indian farmers and farmers’ crisis has drawn no response from the government.Monsanto’s partnership with Atomwise allows making a guess which molecules will give Monsanto the next possible pesticide. In 2014, it acquired the world’s largest soil data corporation, Solum Inc. Because they are blindly paving the next phase on the dead end highway.

The second leads to the rejuvenation of the planet through rejuvenation of biodiversity, soil, water, rejuvenation of small farms diverse, healthy, fresh, ecological food for all. After the wars they redeployed war chemicals as agrichemicals — pesticides and fertilisers — we were told we can’t have food without poisons. Industrial agriculture is using 70 per cent of the resources to create 40 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions, while providing only 30 per cent of our food. One leads to a dead end.The first path is industrial, and was paved by the poison cartel, which was born during the war to create chemicals that can kill people. We cannot solve climate change without small scale, ecological agriculture, based on biodiversity, living seeds and living soils and local food systems, with minimal food miles and devoid of plastic packaging.Explosives that were made by burning fossil fuels at high temperature to fix atmospheric nitrogen were later used to make chemical fertilisers.Organic farming takes excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, where it doesn’t belong, and through photosynthesis puts it back in the soil, where it belongs. It is just another commodity to China Besturn X80 Rear Bumper Assembly Factory make the farmer more dependent. It sells data.

They are feeding their communities with healthy and nutritious food while rejuvenating the planet.In the 1990s, we were told we would starve without genetically modified organisms (GMOs) brought to us by the same poison cartel. All over the world, small farmers and gardeners are already implementing this agriculture, preserving and developing their soils, their seeds, practising agroecology. Bt cotton has pushed thousands of farmers to suicide.But data is not knowledge.We cannot address climate change and its very real consequences without recognising the central role of the industrial and globalised food system, which contributes more than 40 per cent to greenhouse gas emissions through deforestation, animals in concentrated animal-feeding operations (CAFOs), plastics and aluminium packaging, long-distance transport and food waste. This is not the intelligence for sustainable management of pests. Today we have only two GMO applications: herbicide resistance and Bt toxins in crops. They are thus sowing the seeds of food democracy — a food system in the hands of farmers and consumers, devoid of corporate control, poisons, food miles and plastics; a food system that nourishes the planet and all humans.. It is turning life into a digital casino

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Yagyas that are performed as mere show or for their fruits are known to be rajasik

Yagyas that are performed as mere show or for their fruits are known to be rajasik. An experiment was conducted by Alexis Carell in 1912, where chicken cells which normally perish in six-seven years, were preserved for over 20 years in an alkaline solution. Consuming highly acidic food corrodes the cell and takes the body towards destruction and disease. Those yagyas that are directed towards lower beings and lower dimensions like bhoot, pret and pisach (karan pisachini is one such supposed deity) are a direct route to hell. Hence one should change to an alkaline diet and gradually convert the body from acidic to alkaline, from tamsik to satvik. Yagyas that do not conform to scriptures, use polluted ingredients and incorrect uchharan and are performed devoid of guru and faith are tamsik, says the Gita.

Yagya (sacrifice), tapa (penance) and daan (charity) too are of these kinds.Yogi Ashwini, the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation, is an authority on yoga, tantra and China Mercedes-Benz ML-350 Grille Factory the Vedic sciences. What we eat goes a long way in determining what we are.Yagyas which are performed as ordained by the vedas, without the expectation of anything in return, with the purest of ingredients — samidha (wood), ghrit (cow ghee obtained from a cow whose calf has not been weaned), samagri and mantra as given by the guru and the correct bhaav (thought) is satvik. If one takes the example of red meat, especially from cows that feed on plastic, garbage and hospital wastes, as well as the milk derived from such cows is high in acid and toxic content and, hence tamsik. Hear them from me, says Krishna.The Gita categorises food, yagya, tapa and charity too into three kinds, corresponding to the three gunas of satva, rajas and tamas. So an alkaline body can go on healthily for a lot of years keeping disease at bay.com.

In a previous article, we had discussed the three gunas of satva, rajas and tamas, and how satva leads to higher lokas, rajas ties one to cycle of painful births on Earth and tamas is the road to lowers lokas and hell. Such a havan or yagya results in manifestation of dev purush is smokeless and purifies and nourishes the body and environment and fuels spiritual growth. Only when assistant failed to change solution one day, cells died indicating cells can go on forever in a healthy state provided it stays in an alkaline environment and it gets balanced diet corresponding to prakriti such that toxic wastes are minimal. Hear them from me, says Krishna. His recent book is Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension. Food which is impure, stale, etc. The nature of cell is prakriti and prakriti is balance.Food is dear to beings of different prakriti in three different ways., is eaten by tamsik people.

Contact him at dhyan@dhyanfoundation.So the pure composition of yagyas and keeping the body alkaline, results in good health and ensures you do not die in pain but leave the body in happiness, with satisfaction in what you’ve done, at will, and going to higher dimensions. Food is dear to beings of different prakriti in three different ways.Food that promotes health, vigour, intelligence and longevity and is naturally agreeable is satvik and which causes sickness, grief and suffering, is dear to rajasik. Yagya (sacrifice), tapa (penance) and daan (charity) too are of these kinds

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The use of our trademarks in connection with drugs tarnishes the Girl Scouts name

And last year, Hershey Co., which is seeking a patent for a strain of marijuana to treat seizures that it has developed in Minnesota.The Girl Scouts of the USA, for example, says it has sent dozens of cease-and-desist letters to those selling a popular strain of pot known as Girl Scout Cookies, or another called Thin Mints.Pot companies are also filing state-level trademarks, thereby avoiding the snag in a federal trademark application: the requirement that the mark is used in interstate commerce, which remains off-limits for pot companies.”The pot industry’s makeshift branding efforts, from celebrity names on boxes of weed to the many weed-themed T-shirts and stickers common in towns with a legal marijuana market, show the industry taking halting steps toward the mainstream. Snoop Dogg calls his eight strains of weed “DANK FROM THE DOGGFATHER HIMSELF. Exact numbers aren’t available because pending patent information isn’t public. Patents and trademarks are largely regulated by the federal government, which considers marijuana an illegal drug and therefore ineligible for any sort of legal protection.”

“They haven’t issued a single patent yet.Hundreds of marijuana-related patents have likely been requested by the US Patent and Trademark Office, according to those who work in the industry. And people in the business are relying on a patchwork of state-level laws to try to stake claims and establish cross-state markets.. The result is a Wild West environment of marijuana entrepreneurs trying to stake claims and establish cross-state markets using a patchwork of state laws. — AP BRAISED-PEPPER-LAMB--resize. Melissa Etheridge has a marijuana-infused automotive interior and exterior molds Manufacturers wine.The marijuana industry certainly has been on the receiving end of legal threats from other companies that do have trademark and patent protection. — APSnoop Dogg has his own line of marijuana. But generally speaking there is broad agreement within the patent law community that they will,” said Eric Greenbaum, director of intellectual property for Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. That doesn’t mean that the pot business isn’t trying.“You can’t go into federal court to get federal benefits if you’re a drug dealer,” said Sam Kamin, a University of Denver law professor who tracks marijuana law.jpg A store manager shows some of the products available in the marijuana line marketed by rapper Snoop Dogg in one of the marijuana chain’s outlets in Denver.

A store manager shows some of the products available in the marijuana line marketed by rapper Snoop Dogg in one of the marijuana chain’s outlets in Denver. So a pot company could trademark its logo, or patent a process for packaging something, without mentioning that the “something” is marijuana. But the industry can’t use those same laws to protect its own brands. In Colorado, for example, there are nearly 700 trade names and 200 trademarks registered that include the word “marijuana” or a synonym, Kamin said.The result is that consumers have no way of knowing that celebrity-branded pot is any different than what they could get in a plastic baggie from a corner drug dealer. Both pot companies agreed to stop selling the products and destroy any remaining inventory.The celebrity endorsements are just the latest attempt to add cachet to a line of weed. So does Willie Nelson. “We’re in a new industry, where the benefits of federal protection aren’t open to us,” said John Lord, CEO of LivWell, a 10-store chain of Colorado marijuana shops. So far federal authorities have either ignored or rejected marijuana patent and trademark requests, as in the 2010 case of a California weed-delivery service that applied to trademark its name “The Canny Bus. Problem is, those weed brands aren’t much more substantial than the labels they’re printed on.

“The use of our trademarks in connection with drugs tarnishes the Girl Scouts name,” the organisation says in the letter it says it has sent to pot sellers primarily in California, Colorado and Washington.As the fast-growing marijuana industry emerges from the black market and starts looking like a mainstream industry, there’s a scramble to brand and trademark pot products. sued two marijuana companies in Colorado and Washington for selling “Reefer’s” peanut butter cups and “Dabby Patty” candies, which resembled Hershey’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and York peppermint patties. Cease-and-desist letters aren’t uncommon in the mailboxes of marijuana companies, whether it’s for making a candy that looks like a non-intoxicating brand, or for selling a type of pot that includes a trademarked word or phrase in its name.” Nelson’s yet-to-be-released line says the pot is “born of the awed memories of musicians who visited Willie’s bus after a show.Marijuana producers are also claiming everything they can that doesn’t involve actual weed.Companies like Ligand are betting that if marijuana becomes nationally legal, they’ll be first in line to claim legal ownership of whichever type of marijuana they’ve already developed

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